Special Occasion Signs & Displays

Based on very popular overseas ventures known as lawn or yard signs, this is a new concept for New Zealand. When you have reason to celebrate something, forget the old standard greeting card and opt for something more original. A lawn greeting sign or display is a unique fun way of greeting or congratulating someone on a special occasion!

Alongside our unique range of rental signs and displays, we also offer the hiring of Wedding props.

We sell interactive celebration cakes. Made and decorated to order, these fun fulled cakes are sure to be the hit of your occasion. A back opening allows for a costumed person to be concealed. Once the celebration song has finished, strike up your choice of music and through the crepe paper topping springs …..

Marilyn Monroe, a mermaid or a saucy sailor.

The possibilities are endless.

At PopUps S.O.S., we are all about having fun and making sure that your special occasion has impact.